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A New Week

I usually don’t believe in signs or omens, but sometimes I feel like the universe is trying to give me a hint and I just need to not be stupid and arrogant enough to get the hint. Case in point: … Continue reading

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Oh Shut Up NYC, Chicago

Okay, yes, you’re both having an ego contest over which building is ‘taller‘. Chicago says the Willis tower is ‘taller’ because it’s all about the floors duuude a building is only as tall as the places where people can safely walk around maaaaan. … Continue reading

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The GG

How the hell is it that your average gamer has better manners than a gubernatorial candidate? Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has not called his opponent to extend the proverbial congratulatory hand shake, and sections of the internet seem to think this … Continue reading

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Back Pain

Back pain has got to be some of the worst pain in the world. It isn’t like limb pain where you can just not put weight on that limb, or not use it- difficult as that may be- and work … Continue reading

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Things Exist Outside Your Country

This is mostly going to be about the United States- what with living here and all- but it applies to whatever country you happen to live in. Last night was the YTMAs (YouTube music awards) and not really caring about … Continue reading

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