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Your Interests Aren’t Mine, Maybe

Last night on Facebook I posted a link to a Marilyn Mason cover of ‘This Is Halloween‘ cover that someone else had shared, commenting on how I didn’t much care for the original version but really liked that cover version … Continue reading

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Adorable Puppy is Adorable

  Look, I’ve got nothing better to talk about today so let’s all just take some time to look at my dog wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey. I don’t really care about football one way or the other, but, god, … Continue reading

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Fair Trade At Work

“Someone explain fair trade coffee to me,” my boss said as way of getting our weekly meeting started, “because it doesn’t make any sense to me.” There was a smattering of laughs and some grins from my co-workers. This is … Continue reading

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Moving the Furniture

It’s patently absurd how much happier you feel about your living space when you just rearrange some of the furniture. It’s not like the old configuration of furniture is┬ábad or oppressive, or inefficient, but the simple act of moving a … Continue reading

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The Value of a Single Scientist

Science is an accumulative process. While the press may make ridiculous claims of miracle cures and future tech. from tentative experimental results, science is always conservative and always waits for more information to say a claim is true or false. … Continue reading

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Today Is Phoenix Wright Day

Today is the day that Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies arrives on 3DS. I do not care if this blog post is nothing but gushing about how amazing Phoenix Wright is, and I don’t care that- as a 27 year old … Continue reading

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Bitstrip and Artistic Elitism

Most comics that come out of Bitstrip are awful, let’s not kid ourselves here. But that’s sort of the point, they’re a silly way for people to make awful in jokes and comment on the weird things their friends do … Continue reading

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