April 02, 2013

Another new day!

Yesterday we recorded a new podcast for Schmame Over which is going to go up tomorrow. The site is going well in general, I’m figuring out SEO and generally doing okay with putting up timely news posts so everything is on the up and up. As long as I can get an article or two a day from the other Schmamers I won’t have any problems with this pace.

Started writing about MTG judging more, and my study process, I think it’s a good way to get my thoughts out on the whole process. One day I will get that blog up and running, but that day isn’t today. Schmamers comes first.

The end!


About kylock

Man, biographies are really hard to write because sometimes you just don't know what to write about and then you ramble on pointlessly for a while about your hobbies (video games, reading, programming) and end up boring your readers because they expect something witty and insightful (there are only two ways to save money, neither of which involves hookers) and then readership falls off and you cry yourself to sleep.
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