Innuendo is probably one of the coolest sounding words in English. It’s just fun to say. It’s also one of those words that very rapidly loses its meaning if you say it a whole bunch of times. That’s sort of sad, and sort of amazing. Plus everyone likes a little INNUNEDO AMIRITE?


I’m using an e-mail harvester at work. My bosses wanted me to do this job by hand, copying and pasting. I’ve pulled close to 4000 e-mails so far. I’ll probably end up with five to six thousand total. If I could pull one e-mail address every 20 seconds, that’s 28 hours of work. I would literally have to do nothing but this task for the next four days to get it done in a week. But automation makes life easy!


About kylock

Man, biographies are really hard to write because sometimes you just don't know what to write about and then you ramble on pointlessly for a while about your hobbies (video games, reading, programming) and end up boring your readers because they expect something witty and insightful (there are only two ways to save money, neither of which involves hookers) and then readership falls off and you cry yourself to sleep.
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