Whoa, It’s Almost July

No, seriously, it’s almost July. How insane is that? I’ve almost been in Dallas for a year. Where the hell did this year go? It feels like this year went by so insanely quickly, like the past 11 months didn’t even happen. I wouldn’t have been surprised if you told me that today was the second month I’d been here. Insane.

The new Mass Effect 3 ending(s) come out today, and the internet is already up in arms. While I’m excited, I knew it was going to be like this, and I’m a little disappointed BioWare even released it. They had to know that short of scrapping all of act three they weren’t going to make their detractors happy, adding more clarification isn’t going to fix the blind hate lots of the net has for that ending. And to all the people who think that the universe could beat the Reapers without Deus Ex Machina: ROFL. Just rofl.


About kylock

Man, biographies are really hard to write because sometimes you just don't know what to write about and then you ramble on pointlessly for a while about your hobbies (video games, reading, programming) and end up boring your readers because they expect something witty and insightful (there are only two ways to save money, neither of which involves hookers) and then readership falls off and you cry yourself to sleep.
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One Response to Whoa, It’s Almost July

  1. duckjames says:

    super crazy, in that we have lived in the same state, less than 50 miles away, and I Still haven’t gotten to see you! This situation: We must remedy it.

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