Minecon Adventures, Pt 1.

Finally back from Minecon, and ready to go for Black Friday week. It’s shaping up to be quite the doozy: work for three days, then on Wednesday drive up to Arkansas after my shift with (hopefully) Jackie in tow. Once there, pass out and wake up early the next morning and gather up my winter stuff and maybe have breakfast with Pat. Toss it all into the car. Go over to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving food, and eat myself silly for a couple of hours then racing off to go back home around four or five in the afternoon. Sleep. Go work a stupid 11 hour shift on Black Friday because, rofl, everyone needs to buy pointless shit for the holidays! And if that wasn’t awesome enough, go work 10 hours on Saturday! Because, sure, why the fuck not? Best part? I have no managers working with me on the closing shift, just one GA and three seasonals. I’m going to have so much fun counting upwards of 30,000 dollars in cash, just wishing my company would see fit to share some of that with me. Le sigh.

But enough of the depressing, I went to MINECON! Which was amazing. Mostly. Jackie and I got to Vegas pretty early on Thursday morning and wandered around in a sort of daze for a couple of hours, until we could check into our room and take a nap. But before we did that we did manage to wander over to the M&Ms store and looked at all four floors of M&M insanity. Wat. I didn’t realize that M&Ms were such a huge brand. More than anything we were excited for the fill your bag with whatever the hell kind of M&Ms you want section, where we tried the surprisingly amazing white chocolate M&Ms. I want massive bags of those, RIGHT NOW. But I digress. We got our room and took a nap, then went and had a buffet meal. It was fine, but it was a buffet not anything amazing. (Also, we stayed in the Luxor lol.)

After that we wandered around the strip for a few hours, by which I mean we went the entire length of the strip to find this bakery Jackie wanted to go to so we could get macaroons. And my god were these macaroons delicious. Almost worth the insane amounts of exhaustion we ended up having, in large part because I slept about one hour the night before. Superb! But, man, those macaroons were delicious. Then it was time to go get our Minecon badges so we wouldn’t have to wait in line for them tomorrow. We did so, got free soda from Jones Soda, and then went back to our room. I think we may have watched TV? Or I ate food? I’m not sure, I just remember being exhausted and passing out.

Next day we got up around seven and went to the Mandalay Bay buffet. Again, it was a buffet. Woo. But we started seeing all sorts of people for Minecon, which was pretty damn exciting. Young, old, male and female, there were an incredible amount of people there of a huge variety of demographics. (That was a horrible sentence, by the way.) Jackie and I were excited to be wandering through the halls of Mandalay Bay, and we went up to the convention hall with excitement in our hearts. We turned the corner to the exhibition hall and… holy shit. There were thousands of people already in line, just to get *in* to the damn thing. And there was only one entrance that appeared to be in use, and no staff members around to guide people or check badges. Wat.

But get into line we did, and we didn’t have to wait too long to get into the hall proper. (40 minutes, I think.) The first thing I noticed was the twenty foot tall creeper, which was just to the left of the J!NX booth. Which had a line close to running out the door already. And that’s where the Minecon exclusive figure would be. Fuck. We decided not to waste our time there and went to look at other booths, X-Peria, Cole2’s World, lots of kick ass indie games, a pretty cool artist, they were all on hand. We poked around and got some photos taken, then decided to get in the line for J!NX. We met and talked to a couple of awesome people who want to work on some projects with me (more on that later) and we hung out in line for about an hour and a half.

Which is when they booted us all out of the convention hall.

It was obvious they needed more preparation, and it was doubly obvious they had no idea how to prepare this without having everyone leave, so it didn’t matter where your place was in line or how long you’d been there, you got the boot either way. Which didn’t sit well with people. But we all dutifully went to the Ballroom where the Minecraft keynote was being held. They showed some funny videos about the history of Minecraft, talked about how much they appreciated us, and then threw the lever launching Minecraft 1.0.0… and then walked off stage. No goodbye, no we’ll see you around, just walked off stage.

Uh. Kay.

Confusion settled in for a second, then people literally sprinted out of the hall to get back in line for booths. No security to ensure an orderly exit or anything like that. Seth held a spot for me up at the door, and they weren’t letting people in for 30 minutes *and* they had no queues setup or people to manage the line. Two thousand unmanaged people who want in lines for something. Gee, this will end well. The doors opened and people *surged* forward, and those of us in the front screamed verbal abuse at the idiot children and people who kept pushing. Some of us went so far as to stop moving until they stopped pushing. One father was screaming bloody murder because his kid was nearly trampled.

We got back into the J!NX line which still wasn’t managed properly and *still* had two lines feeding into the main one. Ugh. So stand in it we did, for a good two hours me thinks. Just for some exclusive t-shirts. The human body knows no bounds of depravity, eh? Huh, what else did we do that day? Attend a panel, me thinks, about the creation process of a game. Aye! Aye. It was fine, but super awkward, and mostly dominated by egos. I wouldn’t have recommended it to anyone, unless they just needed to kill an hour. Then it was back to the hotel room for epic sleeps.

And it was epic.



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Man, biographies are really hard to write because sometimes you just don't know what to write about and then you ramble on pointlessly for a while about your hobbies (video games, reading, programming) and end up boring your readers because they expect something witty and insightful (there are only two ways to save money, neither of which involves hookers) and then readership falls off and you cry yourself to sleep.
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