Wednesday Is Like Totally Awesome

Not too much to really talk about today, Monday certainly wasn’t the day that  I was expecting it to be; to make a long story short it was a pretty shitty day. I also wish Gearbox would have released a game that wasn’t buggy as all get out on release, if I can play RE5 in a window at max graphics but can’t run Borderlands on lowest graphics without random freezes something is wrong with your game. Fuckers.

Yesterday wasn’t too bad though, I played in a Zendikar draft and took second place and then I ran some errands and got an interview setup for today. Then I went over to Pat’s and we mocked terrible blog writing then I played Uncharted 2 until I got sick of jumping off cliffs and dying. Question: why did the gaming community flip shit in Prince of Persia whenever you ‘died’ but instead were just pulled back to the save point, calling the game unchallenging, yet in Uncharted 2 you do literally the same thing save that someone doesn’t ‘save’ you and no one cares at all? Is seeing Nathan Drake die just that much more important to the believability of the game? No, it really isn’t. Gamers are just a bunch of whiny idiots.

The plan for today is: interview, deck building, then Pat’s for TOP CHEF OH YEAH.



About kylock

Man, biographies are really hard to write because sometimes you just don't know what to write about and then you ramble on pointlessly for a while about your hobbies (video games, reading, programming) and end up boring your readers because they expect something witty and insightful (there are only two ways to save money, neither of which involves hookers) and then readership falls off and you cry yourself to sleep.
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