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Life changing decisions, no really!

I’m fairly sure I have mentioned before that I’m taking a vacation to Japan with Michelle (I first wrote that ‘taking a vacation to Michelle with Japan, how odd) and this has somewhat inspired me to learn Japanese. It’s going … Continue reading

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Six months, what did you get me?

So, Korea, we’ve been together for six months now. Let us remember the good times, and the bad. There was that time you introduced me to that Canadian girl, that turned out pretty well. And, inexplicibly, you brought me closer … Continue reading

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So, it is v-day. Well, it WAS v-day. Anyway, us three fine young men (Peter, Allen, and myself) eschewed the usual “Hey let’s get drunk and pass out at 10am!” thing everyone else was doing and instead we went into … Continue reading

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Yes I am still alive. Korea is upsetting me, mostly due to the idiocy of people, and the fact that I am not a raging alchoholic. Otherwise, Charlotte is returning to Korea! Asah! …Penis? -Snow

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The Korea Effect

There’s an odd phenomenon that happens here in Korea, I’ve been noticing, which makes me really question my desire to stay here the full one year stay. I’ve tentitevly named it the “Korean Effect.” Symptoms include, but are not limited … Continue reading

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