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The greatest list to ever exist.

So, I’m sick. Very. Very. Very. Sick. I almost puked in class a few times today. But I feel like you all deserve a post, and post you will get! It wasn’t my original plan, of the greatest ROBOT SANTA … Continue reading

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My readership is at an all time high.

Really, it is. I can only go down from here. Well I missed the three month anniversary, I think, I’m not sure. But four months will soon be upon us! Wow, 1/3 of the way there, I can’t WAIT TO … Continue reading

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The weekend arrives, along with news!

I’ll start this off with some potentially good news. Or potentially bad news. It all depends on how insane the Koreans feel like being whenever we actually ask about it. Hi! I’m avoiding the subject, and doesn’t it upset you … Continue reading

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