A New Week

I usually don’t believe in signs or omens, but sometimes I feel like the universe is trying to give me a hint and I just need to not be stupid and arrogant enough to get the hint. Case in point: this morning it was next to impossible for me to keep my toothbrush in my hands, and I walked out the door without my keys, then wallet, then bluetooth headset. Clearly something is wrong with me today: dehydration? Lack of sleep? Not enough REM sleep? Who knows. But it’s not shaping up to be a good Monday.


Maybe this is my trying to get all of my ‘bad’ for the week out on the first day. I’ve a lot to look forward to, after-all. New XCOM game this week, PS4 comes out, work is slowing down so I have time to get caught up on things, some family issues have finally been resolved. Maybe if I get all my stupid out on day one, the rest of the week will go even better. Yeah, silly, I know. But hey. Optimism counts for something, right?

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Oh Shut Up NYC, Chicago

Okay, yes, you’re both having an ego contest over which building is ‘taller‘. Chicago says the Willis tower is ‘taller’ because it’s all about the floors duuude a building is only as tall as the places where people can safely walk around maaaaan. New York City is saying One World Trade Center is saying that it has the taller building because the structure as a whole is taller than Willis tower. And everyone outside of NYC and Chicago does not give a fuck.

There’s nothing wrong with liking your city, there’s nothing wrong with poking fun at rival teams or other towns when your sports club does better than them, hell there’s nothing wrong with arguing which city has a better arts/food/music/whatever scene. But this? This stupid argument about skyscrapers? Folks, you’re having a dick measuring contest without breaking any laws by just whipping it out and measuring length, width and girth. “It’s not about the size, but how much you can use!” “It’s not about how much you can use, but the size!” Come on, NYC, Chicago, just admit that you want to see each other naked already and have sex. We’ve been watching you preen for each other for decades now, just fuck and get it over with.

In the mean time, the rest of the country would like to be spared your mating dances, okay?

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The GG

How the hell is it that your average gamer has better manners than a gubernatorial candidate? Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has not called his opponent to extend the proverbial congratulatory hand shake, and sections of the internet seem to think this is just fine, and it makes no sense at all to me why you wouldn’t want to make that call.

What does making the congratulatory call gain you? The respect of your opponent, good standing in the public’s eyes, a feeling of finality, acceptance of one’s defeat, and generally not looking like a jerk. And refusing to make that call? All it does it make you look like you’re incapable of accepting reality- that you lost- and that you’re a petulant child who can’t be bothered to congratulate someone who beat you at something.

I get it. I don’t like losing. Most people don’t like losing. Unlike Cuccinelli, though, I’m capable of congratulating the person who beat me because I’m not a five year old child. I extend a handshake to opponents when I play them, or tell them ‘good game’, or even try and help them figure out ways to beat me. But apparently when you’re a politician acting like a petulant child who hasn’t figured out how to play nicely with others is the appropriate response to losing.

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Back Pain

Back pain has got to be some of the worst pain in the world. It isn’t like limb pain where you can just not put weight on that limb, or not use it- difficult as that may be- and work around the pain. Nope, if your back hurts you’re just fucked. Wanna stand? Pain. Wanna sit? Pain. Wanna lay down? Pain. Want to continue existing? Pain.

This would probably be largely mitigated if I bothered to stretch in the morning and had better posture and took more breaks from the tedious and repetitive motions of folding and stuffing and bending, but I also just so easily forget to do those things. Which isn’t an excuse, not by a long shot, but at least I have some sort of reasoning for it besides ‘Derp my back hates me.’ Being able to recognize what I need to do to fix my problem is step one to actually fixing it, right?


Ugh. Back pain.

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Things Exist Outside Your Country

This is mostly going to be about the United States- what with living here and all- but it applies to whatever country you happen to live in.

Last night was the YTMAs (YouTube music awards) and not really caring about music outside of a ‘oh this is a pleasant thing I like listening to’ I don’t really pay attention to the music world. But I do pay attention to racism and xenophobia, and boy did the YTMAs end up causing the racist idiots in America to come out in spades. Girl’s Generation won the video of the year award and Twitter was flooded with ignorant and hateful Tweets by fans upset by their particular idol not winning the award, and like the internet does these tweets are being tracked for posterity- check them out if you feel like hating the world.

What stuns me about all those tweets isn’t the racism (I mean, it makes me sad and angry but it doesn’t surprise me) but the fact that Americans/English speaking music fans seem utterly incapable of understanding that music exists outside what they listen to, that YouTube is used worldwide, and that maybe- just maybe- people like listening to music that wasn’t made by America/English speaking countries. So many of the tweets from these people about Girl’s Generation express surprise that a group they have never heard of could have won, as if their expertise or awareness of music is the metric we should go by for who wins a YTMA. Which is yet another example of the vast, sweeping ignorance that is the average user of the internet- despite having more knowledge at their finger tips than at any other point in history people still devolve into inane tribalism at the drop of the hat.

Look, I get that the YTMA was just a popularity contest for pop music. And I understand having a singer you love listening to win an award is exciting- I get excited when things I like win awards too! But it remains stunning to me that so many people, in any country, can still be so vile and cruel to someone else based off their ignorance of the world at large- these people would probably be stunned that books and games and movies are made outside America, and would be just as pissed if American products lost in an awards competition to them as well. 

You know what the kicker to all this is? People were upset Justin Bieber and 1 Direction didn’t win. You know, the singer from Canada and the group from the United Kingdom? Ah, idiocy, thy name is the internet.

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Your Interests Aren’t Mine, Maybe

Last night on Facebook I posted a link to a Marilyn Mason cover of ‘This Is Halloween‘ cover that someone else had shared, commenting on how I didn’t much care for the original version but really liked that cover version of it. It got a few likes and a single comment, a comment I find infuriatingly condescending and rude and just plain pointless: “Are you just now hearing this version?” Well, one can reasonably assume that since I’m posting about it saying how much I’m enjoying for the first time- and more than the other version that, yes, I am just now hearing it for the first time.

So what?

This is something geeks in particular like to do, some sort of discovery hipsterism. They’ll act surprised or vaguely offended and superior for knowing about something that I didn’t know about. As if I could possibly know about every single cover that came out, or that I cared about every single cover that came out. I think “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a perfectly fine movie, but it never struck the same chord with me as it did with others so I’m not obsessively looking for new things in that particular geekdom. And more to the point it shouldn’t be expected that I am looking for anything in that particular geekdom. Marilyn Manson and “The Nightmare Before Christmas” aren’t areas where my interests particularly overlap.

There is just too much in the world for anyone to know about all of it, okay? I’m sure I could ramble off bands and books and movies and games you’ve never read or played or listened to or watched, but so what? I’d recommend a lot of them to you but I’m not going to act surprised or offended or even superior because we’ve different life experiences, interests, availability, and desire for discovery. It’s exactly the same as people flipping out when others haven’t played game X or watched movie Y or heard song Z. People’s interests overlap, but sometimes they don’t- and that is fine. When you act smug and superior or surprisingly condescending toward me for the inevitability that you will have experienced something that I haven’t it just makes me want to never listen to any recommendations you’ll ever give me.

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Adorable Puppy is Adorable



Look, I’ve got nothing better to talk about today so let’s all just take some time to look at my dog wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey. I don’t really care about football one way or the other, but, god, isn’t he adorable? Now hush while I go squee for a while.

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